Content Management Systems – Make Updates Yourself

Change content at will

Perhaps you need to change articles or images regularly but want to keep costs down. A content management system may be for you. Once the site is underway, sections can be made available for editing so you can insert your own content without the need for a developer. A real money saver!

Blog it

Blogs or web logs are one of the most popular applications of content management systems. I can set up a site so you have the ability to make posts at any time and your readers can, at your discretion, leave comments. With this type of site you are in control after the initial design is complete.

WordPress – it’s not just for blogs anymore

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available today. It began as a blog format but has evolved to a complete website format tool. An advantage to the WordPress format is its use of themes which allow clients to use an existing theme or I can modify a theme or design a custom theme. This allows more cost control than a site from the ground up.

Less maintenance can save you money

Editing and inserting content yourself with a content management system allows you to be in complete control of what and when content items are published to your site. By not involving a developer to complete routine edits of the site, costs are kept to a minimum. I offer consulting to get you started and make sure you are comfortable with your role as editor.