E Commerce Websites – Let’s Go Shopping

I have lots to sell

An E commerce website can be as large or as small as required limited only by the number of items for sale and budget limitations. Carts can be extremely detailed with many photos and full product descriptions or simple lists with no images and one line product description. I work within any budget to deliver the best possible solution to yield the best possible result.

I don’t have lots to sell

E commerce does not need to be an elaborate store front with hundreds of products. The minimum number of products required to set up an e commerce site is ONE. Everyone must start somewhere. Start with one product and add to your arsenal as you like – or not – it’s really up to you!

How do I get paid?

The list of options is vast when it comes to accepting payments online. From COD to credit card payment portals embedded in your cart, I help you determine the best option for your situation. Merchant accounts can be easily set up at your bank with funds directly deposited safely and securely.

What are the costs involved?

Cost varies greatly from site to site and is largely dependent on the amount of items involved. The frequency of updates such as product additions and subtractions, sales advertising, price changes among others will also affect cost. In general, the more elaborate the site the more it costs. Balance between site dynamics and income generated is key. I will help you keep on track.