Mobile Websites Who – Needs ‘em?

Let’s get mobile

The number of mobile users is increasing every day. The need to reach these site visitors with a website that will give them a positive experience is extremely important to reaching your goals. Due to screen size limitations, it is important that a mobile site be straight forward and to the point with easy navigation.

Why two sites?

It is not uncommon for desktop visitors and mobile visitors to have very different reasons to visit a website. Under these circumstances, it is important to address these needs individually. A desktop visitor’s main goal in accessing a sporting goods site is most likely to make a purchase or perform research. In contrast, a mobile visitor may have a main goal of finding the physical location of the store or finding the business hours. This information may be available on both versions but presented in a more usable manner for each instance.

Do I need mobile

If you need to have your site accessible by both desktop users and mobile users and you need to present your site in a completely different format for each, a mobile version of your site is important. However, if you would like your site to look good in any screen size but do not require specific functions, you may want to consider responsive design.