My Philosophy – Striving For Perfection

Client Philosophy

My clients are the single most important aspect of my business. Without my clients, I have no reason to design. Without completely satisfied clients, I have no reason to continue. Once a client of Kendro Design, you are family and I will do everything within my power to make certain your goals are exceeded under all circumstances – you have my full attention!

Design Philosophy

Design is quite simple in my eyes. Web design incorporates all aspects of the user experience from aesthetics to functionality. Great designs evoke an emotional response. They make you feel something. They make you want to react in some manner. They make you smile and they make you cry. They scare you and they give you hope. They make you want to join in and they make you want to run and hide. Without emotion, there is no design, what you have are simply letters and colors on a page.

Process Philosophy

My process is methodical and deliberate while allowing for evolution along the way. I begin with a well formulated plan designed according to my clients’ wishes. I believe that deviation from the original plan is not only acceptable but encouraged. Discoveries along the journey frequently uncover needs that were never identified in the original plan but must be addressed to arrive at the best possible result. My drive to constantly search for undiscovered requirements allows us to deliver a result that exceeds the original expectations of my clients.