Search Engine Optimization – To Be Found!

What’s the big deal?

A site without visitors is a big deal. When a site is present on the internet, it only makes sense to make it as visible as possible to search engines so people can find it. Search engine optimization is the art and science of developing and maintaining a site with great structure and employing best practices that allow it to rank well in search engines

Getting to the top – for good!

This can be frustrating for some people. It is most common for new website owners to expect to enter a term in a search engine and expect to be number one the day the site launches. It’s not going to happen. SEO is a continuous ever evolving process that takes time to be effective. Using the best practices regarding development, content and structure of the site will move your site up in the rankings and, most importantly, keep you there!

Don’t be fooled

At Kendro Design, I use only “white hat” techniques to optimize sites for my clients. All of the practices that we employ are well within the acceptable guidelines set forth by search authorities such as Google and Bing. Other firms may promise results that seem to be too good to be true and may produce amazing results. DON’T BE FOOLED! The results are temporary and the “black hat” techniques they use to produce these results may actually get your site banned from results permanently.

Just help me with my current site

If you are happy with your current site but think you should be getting more traffic, I am available for consultation to get you on track. Consultations are billed hourly and can be as involved as required or limited to a couple of hours for a quick site review and analysis. Contact me for more information.