Web Design – Not Just For Looks

Content, the almighty

Content on a website is undeniably the most important factor determining a site’s success. Substance is important in regards to user experience and search results. Without great content, there is nothing! At Kendro Design, I help you format and organize your own content or I generate the content for you so it provides the best user experience possible.

It must be functional

Information architecture is the art and science of arranging information in a usable manner. A visitor to a site must be able to navigate to the information that is desired easily and quickly or the visitor will leave the site in search of something better. At Kendro Design, once I have implemented the best possible site structure, I constantly test user interaction to fine tune the user experience to perfection.

And yes, it has to be pretty

The graphic design aspect of a website is very important. A website must be visually pleasing to the target audience or the experience will be lacking. Branding efforts and recognition are key to returning visitors leading to a high return on your investment. At Kendro Design, I put great effort into research to determine factors that will engage the target audience and marry that information with current branding or future visions of my clients.

Putting it all together

The culmination of all three of these aspects is really the definition of web design. The extreme amount of knowledge and research necessary to launch a successful website is undeniable. Anyone can launch a “plug & play” website for little cost but there is no control or guidance to make the site truly successful regarding every aspect of the goal. With Kendro Design, driving customers to your business is my business and success is the only option.