Website Analysis – Figuring It All Out

The purpose of a website

The main purpose of any website is to get the visitor to do something. That something may be to buy something, sign up for something, submit their email address, take a survey or simply to read some information. At Kendro Design, I analyze everything involved in a site from the content to the architecture to graphic design elements and more to determine if everything is in place to offer a great user experience.

What’s working and what’s not

Once the site is set up perform well, it’s imperative to gauge the actual performance and make changes necessary to improve performance. I use the most sophisticated analytics applications available to determine what is and is not working to get visitors to take the action for which the site was designed. This is a process that is never ending and must be implemented for the continuing success of the site.

Analyze what?

Analytics can tell who visited, when they visited, where they found the site, what type of device they’re using, what browser they’re using, what pages they visited, how long they were there and what button they pushed to get to that page among many other things. With this information, the site can be changed to accommodate the users preferred actions and make the site perform to the best of its abilities.

Consulting – Just tell me how I’m doing

Even if your site was built by someone other than Kendro Design, you can still take advantage of the benefits of website analysis. I offer consulting services either as a short term solution to get you pointed in the right direction or as an ongoing service to take advantage of continual modifications to get the most out of your site.