Website Design

Summit Peak Adventures

summit peak thumbThis is an example of a website that was designed for an outdoor activities company. I designed the logo and all graphics in a consistent manner to promote a recognizable brand.

Richard Reynolds Photography

Reynolds thumbThis is an example of a website designed to showcase the works of a professional photographer. I designed the site in an elegant and minimalist tone to communicate the integrity of the photography studio.






Paramount Advantage Real Estate

Paramount ThumbThe owner of Paramount Real Estate requested a professional website to advertise properties available for rent. We designed the logo in the colors and tones she requested and built the site around that style. We continue to maintain and analyze this site regularly and are planning changes to move it up in some very competitive search terms.







Kendro Candy Bouquets

KCB ThumbThis site was designed for a local candy bouquet company. The owner wanted to portray a whimsical feeling of walking into a candy shop. We designed all the graphics and processed all the images for this project. The site is analyzed regularly and continues to be adjusted to refine the users experience.

Max’s Little league Page

Max thumbThis was a super fun site that we built for a 10 year old boy to showcase his very first year playing little league. Max was very excited to “see his name in lights”. This site illustrates the idea that you don’t have to be a large business to have a website. Small sites, like this site, are inexpensive and can be designed for anyone for any purpose.

Black Holes

Black Holes thumbThis website was designed for outer space and black holes enthusiasts. We made design choices to compliment the subject matter and emulate a feeling of “being there”.

Care Car Concierge

Care thumbHere is an example of a single page site that has a responsive desgin. When this site is viewed in different sized browser windows, tablets and mobile divices, a slightly different look will be found in each. We have designed the site to detect the size screen in which it is being viewed and organize itself accordingly!