Website Development – Let’s Make It Work

Website Development or Website Design?

Website development and website design are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. The easiest way to differentiate the two is to keep in mind that design refers to planning. Development is the actual building process. At Kendro Design, I take you through the design process and once everyone is comfortable with the plan, I build the site from the ground up.

The Building Blocks

It is important to use the proper materials when building something so it will function as designed. This is no different when developing a website. There are many technologies available to create the functionality that is desired but choosing the right combination is important. Page load time, search engine visibility and user experience are a few factors in choosing technologies for development.

You want it – You got it!

At larger design and development firms there are generally different teams to handle each step of the process. At Kendro Design, I have only one team – me! I design the site and its architecture to your approval and then develop it as we planned. Nothing is lost in translation. I know what is expected and I make it happen!