Website Management – Let’s Keep It Working

Keeping it fresh

Print publications are designed and printed and never changing. Websites, on the other hand, are like living beings which are ever evolving. A website must be maintained to keep the content fresh and current for a great user experience and provide the most up to date information for visitors. A site with great fresh content will rank well in search engine results.

Everything has to work

A site with broken links to pages that don’t exist or features that are no longer supported by modern browsers is no good to anyone. Keeping a site working well will provide a great user experience and help increase search engine ranking.

Sometimes you need a change

Sometimes it’s just time to move things around, add pages and remove pages, change headings or a multitude of other scenarios. Web pages should not be static or visitors will not return and neither will search engines. Giving your visitors something new periodically is a great way to keep them engaged.