Website Not Working? Redesign It!

I like the look, but no one’s home

If you like the look of your current website and would like to keep it but no one seems to be visiting, I can help. Perhaps there is a minor issue with content or the structure of the code behind your current site that is keeping visitors from finding your site. By re–working the structure behind the scenes we can make your site more visible to search engines and more engaging to your visitors while keeping the general look and feel of the site you love.

It says it all, but it’s ugly

If aesthetics are an issue with your current site but the content is good, a simple graphic design overhaul may be what you need. I can use the same content that is working for you and present it in a more pleasing manner to give you the site you wanted in the first place

Needs a little help all over

Sometimes the content is seems to be alright but needs a little love and the overall graphic design is okay but not stunning. I can rewrite the content so it is informative and engaging for visitors and rework the graphics to make it all come together. This is a less expensive option than a new site if the bones are there.

Trash it. Start Over.

Sometimes there is no saving it and you just have to start from scratch
— ‘nuff said!